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Ways to Celebrate Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day Virtually

NIPD Canada | On this day people usually visit events organised nearby their place with their family and friends and participate into various activities and parades, but due to this pandemic various events and shows have been cancelled. So in this post we've suggested the ways you can still celebrate National Indigenous Peoples' Day/ National Aboriginal Day from your home using your Computer or Smartphone.

Celebrate NIPD Virtually on June 21st

1. You can Live Stream and enjoy the various events held daily in Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival. You can watch live here.

2. Powwows have always been a great way to uplift people after the winter, even tho you can't enjoy Powwow dances by going to the event venue but you can still enjoy by watching them online. You can watch them here.

3. Listening to Podcasts & Watching movies related to Native People, You can watch Movies and shows directed by Indigenous people and where the story line is based on Culture of Aboriginal people. Visit for the list of popular podcasts by Native People, List of Popular Indigenous Films, List of First Nations TV Series.

4. Museums are great way to learn about Native History and it's culture, though you can't visit museums in this pandemic but you can still watch their collections online and learn about Indigenous History, their Culture and Traditions. To experience virtual museum visit Link 1, Link 2.

5. Learning Native Languages, there's around 11-12 Aboriginal languages used my Indigenous people most often and regularly at home. To know more about Aboriginal Canadian Languages visit - Aboriginal languages in Canada.

6. Listen to Tracks from Aboriginal Musicians and learn more about Native Music and Musicians. Know more about Canadian Native Musicians visit here & here, to learn more about Indigenous Music visit this Wikipedia Page.

7. Learn more about contribution in Sports from Outstanding Native Players and Athletes. Learn more about Indigenous Athletes, Aboriginal Sports.

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So these were few things you can do at home to celebrate Canada's National Indigenous Peoples' Day Virtually. If you have more ideas about How people can celebrate is at home, feel free to tell us and our readers in Comments.