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Canadian Holidays and Observances in June 2020

There are various Holidays & Events observed in Canada all over the year, here we listed Events falling on June Month of this Year 2020, they are as follows :

Whit Monday

  • Event Date : Monday, 1 Jun
  • Also Known as Pentecost Monday and Observed by Christian people, Not an Holiday 
How people celebrate Whit Monday ?
People observe this event by remembering the Holy Spirit's descent on Jesus' disciples and the events that followed, which are told in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Read More

Trinity Sunday

  • Event Date : Sunday, 7 Jun
  • Symbolic of the unity of the Trinity, Observed by Christian People, Not an Holiday.
How people celebrate Trinity Sunday ?
On this day Churches have special church services focusing on the concept of the trinity, which refers to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being one God on Trinity Sunday. Read More

Corpus Christi

  • Event Date : Thursday, 11 Jun
  • Also known as "The Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ", "The Day of Wreaths", Observed by Christian People
How people celebrate Corpus Christi ?
Many Christians receive Communion on Corpus Christi, It involves people accepting consecrated Bread and Wine/Grape Juice, which is belieed to be Jesus Christ’s body and blood according to Christian faith. Read More

National Indigenous Peoples Day

  • Event Date : Sunday, 21 Jun
  • A day to celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of the nation’s Indigenous peoples, Observed by Christian People all over Canada, Local Holiday in Northwest Territories, Yukon.
How people celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day ?
People attend the Events being held nearby their Place with their Friends & Family, Learn more about Indigenous People and It's History, Cutting of a cake to honor this day. Read More

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day Quotes

Father's Day

  • Event Date : Sunday, 21 Jun
  • Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June month to show appriciation towards their father/father-in-law/Guardian, Observed by Christian People, Not an Holiday.
How people celebrate Father's Day ?
On this day people buy presents like Watches/Books/Clothing Items etc. for their father. People go out to eat, for movies or to visit places like parks/zoo etc with their whole family. Read More

Discovery Day

  • Event Date : Monday, 22 Jun
  • Also known as "Cabot 500 Day" and celebrated for the discovery of the province’s island portion, This event falls on nearest Monday around June 24, Celebrated by people in NL, Local Holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador
How people celebrate Discovery Day ?
People visit the Matthew legacy site or enjoy shows like Kids Walking Parade, other talents shows, motorcade events held in Bonavista. Read More

St. Jean Baptiste Day

  • Event Date : Wednesday, 24 Jun
  • It's a feast day of St John the Baptist, also known as "la Saint-Jean", "Fête nationale du Québec". Celebrated by Quebec people and people from areas of French Canada, Local Holiday in Quebec.
How people celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day ?
On this day events like Concerts, Parades, Sports Tournaments, Firework Shows are held for the celebration of this day. Read More

So these were Holidays and Observances in Canada falling on June month of 2020.