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Wishes & Quotes for Happy Fathers Day 2020

Father's Day is Celebrated on the third Sunday in June month every year and this year it's on 21st June. This is an international event and more than 110 countries celebrate this day. On this day many people make special efforts for their fathers/father figures like visiting their their fathers, giving them greeting cards, clothes , watches or any other gifting items and many people also go out to eat dinner with their fathers and to watch movies.

Here I've made a list of Wishes and Greetings for Happy Father's Day to share on your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. , I hope you'll enjoy our collection :

Happy Father's Day to the men in my life that are doing their best and taking it a day at a time!

Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers, even the dead beat ones. Someone must of thought you were worth it in the moment enough to make you a Father, so you deserve praise too.

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddys out there. Just know your chi…

Ways to Celebrate Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day Virtually

NIPD Canada | On this day people usually visit events organised nearby their place with their family and friends and participate into various activities and parades, but due to this pandemic various events and shows have been cancelled. So in this post we've suggested the ways you can still celebrate National Indigenous Peoples' Day/ National Aboriginal Day from your home using your Computer or Smartphone.

1. You can Live Stream and enjoy the various events held daily in Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival. You can watch live here.

2. Powwows have always been a great way to uplift people after the winter, even tho you can't enjoy Powwow dances by going to the event venue but you can still enjoy by watching them online. You can watch them here.

3. Listening to Podcasts & Watching movies related to Native People, You can watch Movies and shows directed by Indigenous people and where the story line is based on Culture of Aboriginal people. Visit for the list of popular po…

Canadian Holidays and Observances in June 2020

There are various Holidays & Events observed in Canada all over the year, here we listed Events falling on June Month of this Year 2020, they are as follows :
Whit MondayEvent Date : Monday, 1 JunAlso Known as Pentecost Monday and Observed by Christian people, Not an Holiday How people celebrate Whit Monday ?
People observe this event by remembering the Holy Spirit's descent on Jesus' disciples and the events that followed, which are told in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Read More

Trinity SundayEvent Date : Sunday, 7 JunSymbolic of the unity of the Trinity, Observed by Christian People, Not an Holiday.How people celebrate Trinity Sunday ?
On this day Churches have special church services focusing on the concept of the trinity, which refers to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being one God on Trinity Sunday. Read More

Corpus ChristiEvent Date : Thursday, 11 JunAlso known as "The Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ", "The Day of Wreaths", Obser…

Wishes for Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day formerly called National Aboriginal day is a holiday observed annually on 21st of June to learn, celebrates and praises the history and culture of Indigenous people of Canada.

Here's a compiled list wishes and quotes on National Indigenous Day to share on your Facebook, Twitter and on other social media websites to your friends, your family and to the world on that day :

Today is National Aboriginal Day. We would like to acknowledge, celebrate & recognize the First Nations, Inuit & Métis people. Their diverse culture, unique heritage & their contribution to our country #MedHat #CFMedHat #AboriginalDay

Reflecting on the past makes person feel rejoice & appreciation for how far we've come with indigenous awareness. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

I thank the #aboriginal communities that welcomed me into their hearts & homes. I honour this day! Let us bring together strong voices to support and encourage their language & culture…

Hashtags for Happy Indigenous Peoples Day Canada

National Indigenous Peoples Day or Aboriginal Day is usually observed by going out and Joining the Parades and participating events but in the Pandemic time it is advised to stay at home and avoid participating into any mass gathering.

I've collected some Hashtags that can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media Websites for Canada's Indigenous Peoples Day and here's the list: 


Q&A about Canada's National Aboriginal Day

What is National Aboriginal Day Canada?
An annually held celebration and former name for National Indigenous Peoples Day.

When National Indigenous Peoples Day is Observed?
It is celebrated annually on 21th of June Month.

Why do we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day?
It's a day of celebration to recognize and honour the heritage, cultures and valuable contributions to society by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

What does it mean to be indigenous?
Indigenous peoples, also known in some as First peoples, First Nations, Aboriginal peoples or Native peoples and a member of the original inhabitants of a particular place.

Why is National Aboriginal Day important?
Because it is a day to recognize and acknowledge the valuable contribution of Indigenous Peoples to the healthy development of our communities, territory and country.

When was the first Aboriginal Day?
The day was first celebrated as National Aboriginal Day in 1996, after it was proclaimed that year by then Governor Gen…