The Vancouver National Aboriginal Day Organizing Committee (NADOC) has been struck to formalize the working relationship amongst community partners who are collaboratively planning an event that will bring the Aboriginal community together in the Eastside of Vancouver in celebration of National Aboriginal Day at Trout Lake in June 2013.  As committee members, we are committed to working together to collaboratively plan, promote and host this year’s annual celebration.

NADOC has been formed to demonstrate the strength of the community and provide leadership for the 2013 Celebrations. The formalization of our working group into a committee through an MOU enhances opportunities to access funding and donations, utilizing the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre as our host agency through which such funds may be efficiently administered.

Our collective goal is to provide an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate National Aboriginal Day while sharing cultural teachings amongst all Aboriginal people and friends.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that this event is accessible and welcoming to all, and encourages the participation and engagement of a diversity of community members and organizations.  The event will be family-orientated and inclusive of all Nations, Aboriginal people, and community members.  The event will always be held outside and be a non-partisan event.

National Aboriginal Day Organizing Committee Members (NADOC):



Broadway Youth Resources Centre (BYRC)

Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Red Cross

Trout Lake Community Centre

Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society (VACFSS)

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society VAFCS